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Humpback Whale

Latest Migration Data

Migration Route of North Atlantic Right Whales

Map courtesy of
Dr. Carol Gersmehl and Debbie Bojar
Macalester College

On April 8th, whales were seen along the southwest and eastern flanks of Stellwagen Bank in the Sanctuary, as well as a few off the Cape Cod shoreline.

Also on the 8th were 19 whales, including two mother/calf pairs, in the Great South Channel critical habitat. Their approximate positions were:

  • 42 21N, 70 12W (3 whales)
  • 42 12N, 70 24W (1 whale)
  • 42 07N, 70 13W (4 whales)
  • 41 55N, 69 07W (12 whales)
  • 41 36N, 69 34W (7 whales) -- centered in the middle of the Boston Shipping Lanes.

Several days later on April 13, 15 whales were seen again in the shipping lanes around

  • 41 40N, 69 31W (15 whales).

On April 14-15, two right whales (suspected to be a mother and calf but not documented) were sighted close to shore off East Hampton, NY. They were surface feeding and working up and down about a 3/4 mile stretch of beach according to the National Marine Fisheries Service Right Whale Network

  • Offshore from East Hampton, NY (2 whales).

Also on the 15th, 7 right whales were seen in the vicinity of the Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay traffic lanes (shipping lanes that head north towards Newport, RI and northeast towards the Cape Cod Canal)

  • 41 07N, 71 26 W (7 whales)

Four days later 23 whales were seen just north of there at:

  • 41 17N, 71 21W (23 whales)

and on the 16th, one whale was sighted close to shore in Cape Cod Bay, approximately one mile north of the Cape Cod Canal.

  • 1 mi. north of Cape Cod Canal (1 whale)

Other whales have been sighted close to shore off Long Island, Rhode Island and Nantucket.

Anne Smrcina
Education Coordinator
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary