Symbolic Migration 2012-2013

Spring, 2013
Ask Students Answers from Students in Mexico
Learn how students in Mexico answered your questions about school life, home life, and monarch conservation.
Find your Ambassador Butterfly! Connect!
Report to the map, search for your butterfly, and send questions for students in Mexico.
Find your Ambassador Butterfly! Find your Ambassador Butterfly!
Search for your butterfly and see the student who received it.
planting oyamel pines Symbolic Migration News: January 31, 2013
Thank you to those who included financial support for monarch conservation with their butterfly.
Fall, 2012

Symbolic Migration News: December 7, 2012
Your ambassador butterflies are now being delivered to students near Mexico's monarch sanctuaries. Explore the map and see who has received butterflies. Who are this year's ambassador schools? Check out the list.

Arrival! Symbolic Migration News: November 16, 2012
Your symbolic monarchs have arrived in Mexico and so have the real monarchs! Estela Romero greets schools across the Northern Hemisphere and shares some photographs from Angangueo, Mexico. View more amazing classroom butterflies in the Symbolic Art Gallery this week.

Photo: Estela Romero
symbolic monarch Symbolic Migration News: November 2, 2012
The first real monarch butterflies are just arriving in Mexico, and your Symbolic Monarchs are on their way! Check out the Symbolic Art Gallery to meet some of the ambassador butterflies heading off to Mexico. Learn about some traditions and celebrations in Mexico.

Photo: Roosevelt Elementary School
sharing through literature

Symbolic Migration News: October 19, 2012
Mail trucks full of ambassador butterflies are arriving daily at the staging grounds in Minnesota. Each of these butterflies is a bridge connecting students around the world in monarch conservation. In their designs, every symbolic monarch butterfly shares a personal story.

Photo: Monarchs Across Georgia

symbolic butterfly Symbolic Migration News: September 21, 2012
The symbolic monarch migration has begun! Find this year's Teacher Packet, an introductory slideshow, and lessons and activities to get you started!
Monarch butterfly sanctuary tour.

Send a Monarch to Mexico 2012!
News will be posted here this fall as the 17th annual "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" takes place across North America. Students in the United States and Canada are creating thousands of paper butterflies that will migrate to their counterparts in Mexico for the winter. Join the celebration! Here's how to participate.

This Year's Postmark Deadline: October 12, 2012