Symbolic Migration: Ask the Students in Mexico
Gather Your Questions
Estela Romero is ready and waiting to receive your questions and take them to the children. Her participation will help you better understand these children in a part of the country with few means for electronic communication.

Now Open!

What do you wonder about life in the sanctuary region in Mexico?
Continue the cycle of friendship with questions for the Mexican school children. Don't miss this chance to learn more about the lives of students in Mexico.

in class kids at play in class
in the classroom snack time playing outside
Here's What's Ahead: Continue the Cycle of Friendship
Mark Your Calendar!

  • April 6 - April 20: Ask the Students in Mexico (Send your questions for Estela to take to the children.)
  • April 20: Symbolic Butterflies begin to arrive in your mailbox this week.
  • April 20: Symbolic Migration Map: Report whose butterfly you received; look for your own.
  • May 4: Answers from the Students in Mexico
Stay Tuned: The next Symbolic Migration update will be posted on May 4, 2012.