Continue the Cycle of Friendship and Stewardship
Symbolic Monarchs are coming. Watch your mailbox.
You should receive your new butterfly by April 20, 2012.
Step 1
Report to Map
(Reporting Form)
Step 1
Check Map
(List | Map)
Step 3
(Search Engine)

Whose class butterfly did you receive?

Who received your class butterfly?
Which Mexican student received the butterfly you now hold?
Report Butterfly You Received Symbolic Migration Map, Spring 2011 Hola Amigos

Mandatory: Class butterfly
Use the reporting form to add to the map and announce whose class butterfly you received this spring.

  • Students are counting on you! Please take this important step! It only takes a minute, and we're hoping for 100% participation.

Optional: Student butterflies
You may also report the small, life-sized butterflies you received that were made by individual students.

Check the list or look on the map to find out where the butterfly you made last fall landed this spring. After you find your butterfly, you may contact the class who received it.

You received a letter from the Mexican student who received the butterfly you now hold.To find the picture of the Mexican student holding the butterfly:

  1. On the butterfly, locate the town or school name of the U.S. or Canadian class who made the butterfly last fall.
  2. Go to the search engine.
  3. Enter the U.S. or Canadian town or school name.
  4. A list of Mexican schools will appear.
  5. On the letter, find the name of the Mexican school.
  6. Click Mexican school name to see the picture of the Mexican student holding the butterfly.