Symbolic Migration Update: March 13, 2009

Today's Report Includes:

News: Spring is Here! Symbolic Monarchs Heading North


The real monarch butterflies have started their migration north from Mexico right now, and your Symbolic Monarchs are coming back too! Most of the 60,000+ symbolic butterflies have arrived in Minnesota where we'll prepare them for the final leg of their journey. It takes us six weeks to prepare the packets. We mail them all out together so everybody receives them no later than our deadline. Please mark your calendar:


Symbolic Monarch Homecoming
May 5, 2009

Also Coming in May: Symbolic Migration Map
Watch for instructions about the Symbolic Migration map. You will report whose butterflies you received — and may find out where your own butterflies landed!


Finding: Your Butterfly's Winter Home In Mexico

Who cared for your Symbolic Monarchs this winter? Kids who live near the monarch's winter sanctuaries in Mexico cared for them. This year we have pictures of the classrooms where YOUR butterflies spent the winter. Maybe you'll find your own symbolic monarch in one of the pictures with the children who cared for it this winter. >>

Come Along : See What Happens in Mexico!
Come along to visit a school near the Sierra Chincua sanctuary. In the winter of 2008, film producer Kay Milam and her camera crew tagged along with Estela and German as they distributed butterflies to Pedro Ascencio school. These photos capture the excitement generated each time your butterflies are delivered to a sanctuary school.
Visiting a School
This tiny school is typical if those in the region. Monarch butterflies fly over the playground during the day as they come and go from the sanctuary. Each year this school has received symbolic monarchs from Journey North students. Do you see the butterflies displayed on the corner of the building? >>
Visiting a school
Going Home with Frida
In 2008, Frida was a student at Pedro Ascencio school. She took her symbolic butterfly home to show her mom, and a film crew went with her. Visit Frida's home and see her excitement as she shares her butterfly with her mom. >>
Going home with Frida
MBSF News: Satellite Snapshot of Sanctuaries

Last fall, over 500 classrooms sent nearly $10,000 to support monarch butterfly conservation in Mexico. These funds will be used to purchase a satellite image of the butterfly sanctuaries. Any day now the camera will take a snapshot of Mexico's monarch butterfly Reserve. The image will be so detailed it may even show the monarch colonies.

We selected this project because the images will have permanent value for science and conservation. Students will always know that these 2009 images were made possible through their own generosity.

Section of the Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico
The area outlined in blue will be included in the satellite image. More...
The Next Symbolic Migration Update Will be Posted When the Symbolic Butterflies are Coming Home to You in Early May