Symbolic Migration 2006-2007

Symbolic Migration Map
of Returning Butterflies, Spring 2007


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Over 10,000 monarchs are on the map!

Spring, 2007

Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: April 24, 2007
Celebrate! Symbolic Butterflies are back! Students learn how to watch for your far-flying butterflies on the map. Teachers, you hold the key for students to find their butterflies. Learn how to add your handful to the map for others to find. Come to the Web to see some pictures from the Journey North Symbolic Monarch headquarters!

Winter, 2006

Symbolic Monarchs Now in Mexico!
Over 65,000 Symbolic Monarchs are now in the monarch sanctuary region, deep in central Mexico. We're busy finding winter homes for them.

Watch for occasional updates.

Fall, 2006  

Final Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: December 8, 2006
Learn about the lives of the people in the sanctuary region. Practice your Spanish as you read their stories. The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation contributions are now tallied. Thank you for your generous support for the programs that help conservation efforts in this region! Try monarch math: Imagine the paper butterflies carrying these funds on their migration. How much would each carry?
Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: November 22, 2006
Your symbolic monarch butterflies have now safely arrived in Mexico. Find out how many days, hours and minutes it took, AND how many butterflies actually made the trip. A record numbers of symbolic butterflies made the journey this year! See all the schools on the 2006 Passenger List. And check out the Symbolic Art Gallery for new arrivals.
NEWS FLASH! Symbolic Monarchs Are Flying to Mexico! November 9, 2006
In record time the Symbolic Monarchs have left their staging grounds in MN. Traveling together in what may be the largest group ever, the butterflies will fly safely to the monarch sanctuaries in Mexico. What route will they take? When will they get there? How many are migrating this year? Track and calculate to find the answers!
sm_fall06_025 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: November 3, 2006
At the staging grounds in Minnesota we are preparing your butterflies for the journey into the mountains of Mexico. Just as the Mexican students learn about and care for the real monarchs they will care for your butterflies until spring. Like small treasure chests, each envelope of butterflies we open contains amazing works of art. Visit the 2006 Symbolic Migration Art Gallery to view a sampling of the beautiful symbolic butterflies you have made.
sm_fall06_034 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: October 28, 2006
Get ready to ooooh and aaaaah over the pictures of just a sampling of your beautiful butterflies that have landed at the staging area at the Journey North headquarters. See what's involved with getting your butterflies packed for Mexico. Find out how you can become an ambassador representing the monarchs in their long and perilous migration each year. And mark your calendars for the next news from Journey North.

Symbolic Monarch Migration Update: October 2, 2006
Your packages are already arriving at the Journey North headquarters, just the first stop on the way to Mexico. Try your own math problems using the butterfly numbers, and then test them on your classmates. Prepare for the exchange by learning how your symbolic butterfly is like a tiny ambassador carrying your friendship and interest to Mexico. Then open your eyes and learn about our southern neighbors during Hispanic Heritage month. And finally, what does the spirit of the monarch mean to you?