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Monarch Butterfly

Symbolic Migration 2005-2006

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The Symbolic Butterflies are Landing!

Spring, 2006

Sp06_06 Symbolic Migration Update: April 21, 2006
Over 50,000 Symbolic Butterflies will begin the final leg of their journey home this Saturday, Earth Day. How fitting that the mailboxes across North America will be filled with these symbols of conservation and international cooperation. Plan to watch your mailbox next week for their arrival.

Follow Me! I'll Show You How to Use The NEW Map!
We've set up a NEW map to help you find your butterflies... Find out how simple it is to report the butterflies you received and find the ones you sent!

Winter, 2005

Symbolic Monarchs Now in Mexico!
Nearly 55,000 Symbolic Monarchs are now in the monarch sanctuary region, deep in central Mexico. We're busy finding winter homes for them.

Watch for ocassional updates during the spring Journey North program.

Fall, 2005  

Final Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: December 9, 2005
The journey south is complete! Your symbolic monarch butterflies have now safely arrived in Mexico. Find out how many days, hours and minutes it took, AND how many butterflies actually made the trip. Think about conservation and the importance of thinking small (with big thoughts). Learn about your generous contributions to the MBSF. And, take a look at life in the Sanctuary region as seen through the eyes of the children and families who live there.
fall2005_224 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: November 22, 2005
Your butterflies are on their way to Mexico! They journey south began Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 4:58 CST! When will they reach Angangueo? How many are traveling this year? Students are anxiously waiting to open each box to share your messages of good will. Research more about the MBSF and why your contributions can make a difference for the monarchs and their human neighbors in Mexico. And, visit the galleries to see more of your amazing paper butterflies!
Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: November 4, 2005
Over the next few weeks, we'll continue opening envelopes from each and every class, mixing butterflies sent from students across the U.S and Canada. As we prepare them for their journey into the mountains of Mexico we took out our cameras to capture some of the many amazing works of art you have created to honor the monarch butterfly’s migration. Visit the Symbolic Migration Art Gallery in this week’s update!
sm_fall05_16 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: October 28, 2005
Get ready to ooooh and aaaaah over the pictures of just a sampling of your beautiful butterflies that have landed at the staging area at the Journey North headquarters. See what's involved with getting your butterflies to the sanctuary areas in Mexico. Find out how you can become an ambassador representing the monarchs in their long and perilous migration each year. And mark your calendars for the next news from Journey North.

Symbolic Monarch Migration Reminder: September 30, 2005

Just as live monarchs are gathering for their migration south the symbolic monarchs are staging at the Journey North headquarters.
Get out your calendars: This year’s Postmark Deadline is October 14. Check off the steps to a successful Symbolic Migration, and learn about how YOU can help the monarchs in the Mexico Sanctuaries.

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