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Send a Monarch to Mexico!

Symbolic Butterflies Now Flying to Mexico! November 1, 1999

Today's Update Includes:

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

UPS Driver Chris Bordeaux
loading some of your precious cargo onto his truck

On Monday evening November 1 at exactly 4:22 p.m. CST, your paper butterflies began the final leg of their Symbolic Migration to Mexico. Once again this year, our friendly UPS driver Chris Bordeaux arrived at the staging grounds in Minneapolis and eagerly loaded them onto his truck. Before leaving, he gave us their special tracking number so you can follow the migration live all the way to Mexico. Are you wondering where the butterflies are right now? Visit the UPS WWW site and find out!

"How Much Longer Until We Get There?"

Chris "challenges" you to answer today's Challenge Question

This question is familiar to anyone who has taken a long trip. As the butterfly flies, it's over 2,000 miles from Minneapolis to Mexico City. Before he left with your butterflies, Chris challenged you to answer this Challenge Question:

Challenge Question #20:
"Exactly how many days, hours and minutes do you think it will take the butterflies to reach the front door of the Museo del Nino in Mexico City?"

The butterflies are traveling via UPS' "Expedited" service. Here is the path they will take:

  • The Butterflies departed from the Journey North Office in Minneapolis at 4:22 p.m.CST on Nov. 1st.
  • From Minneapolis, the butterflies will be FLOWN to Louisville, KY
  • From Louisville, they will FLY to Dallas,TX
  • From Dallas they will FLY to Mexico
  • Upon arrival in Mexico City, they will go through Customs.
  • Finally they will be TRUCKED to the Museo del Nino in Mexico City.
  • As you figure your answer, this information about the workday in Mexico might be helpful: People generally come to work at 9 a.m., they take a midday comida from 12 until 2, and return to work until about 7p.m.

IMPORTANT: Please answer ONLY ONE question in each e-mail message!

To send your answer:
1. Address an e-mail message to:
2. In the Subject Line of your message write: Challenge Question #20
3. In the body of the message, answer the question above.

Symbolic Migration Passenger List
All aboard for Mexico! A diverse, international population of symbolic butterflies is now en route to Mexico. Monarchs from 2,541 classrooms,48 U.S. States and the District of Columbia, 5 Canadian Provinces, and 3 countries are included. (We'll tell you the exact number of butterflies in our next report.) Here is the list of passengers. Please carefully look for your school's name.

If you sent butterflies to Mexico and you do not find your name on the list, please don't be alarmed. Just follow these steps:

  1. LOOK AGAIN! Please check the list very, very carefully. When teachers write us in despair, we find that over 75% simply didn't read carefully enough.

  2. Please do not write to us about spelling errors. With a plane to catch--and over 2,000 schools on board--we had to type quickly! We apologize in advance if your school's name is misspelled.

  3. If you're certain your name is not listed, send an E-mail to Journey North and let us know: our feedback form

(Please include your full name and address, and the number of butterflies you sent.)

The Long, Cold Winter Has Begun
While the butterflies enjoy the warmth of Mexico, all winter long we will save the envelope you provided for the butterflies' return trip next spring. Remember, your own butterfly is now part of the Symbolic Monarch population. Most likely, you will NOT receive your own butterfly back in the spring. Instead, you will receive one that has been added to the population by another student. However, because your butterfly is carrying your address on its wing, you can hope to hear where your own butterfly landed.
Buen Viaja Mariposas!

Thanks For the Lift!
It's a long way from Minnesota to Mexico but, thanks to UPS, your butterflies will receive a free ride. We encourage you to thank UPS directly. Without Mr. Jim Meyer, CEO of UPS Minnesota, this would not have been done! Letters should be addressed and sent to:

Mr. Jim Meyer
District Manager
United Parcel Service
3312 Broadway Street N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Flying on the Night of the Dead
Tonight while you're asleep, your butterflies will be flying to Mexico. Tonight in Mexico, many people will be awake all night at the cemetery, spending the night at the graves of their loved ones to commemorate the "Noche de Los Muertos", the Night of the Dead. Once each year, they believe, the souls of their ancestors return to earth to visit.


In the Monarch region, there is a legend that ties the return of the monarchs to the return of the souls. Senor Juan Pablo Martinez-Soriano writes from Irapuato, Guanajuato:

"Natives in Mexico believe that monarchs are the souls of the loving people who have passed away and come back to visit every year. Monarchs arrive in huge numbers at the same time (October 30 to November 2), and therefore their significance and fervor towards them.

I have been told by local peasants that the size of the monarchs arriving first are small and therefore the celebration for the dead children on November 1. On November 2, Mexicans celebrate the day of the dead (adults).In Central and Southern Mexico, this celebration is deep-felt and people often visit the family graves and offer not only flowers but even hot meals, preferred drinks, cigarettes and many other things to the dead. Some families even spend the night of November 1 there in celebration."(

What's in Store for Your Symbolic Butterflies?
Watch for the next update and mark your calendar because here's what we're planning:

November 17, 1999
By now, your symbolic butterflies will have arrived at their winter home in Mexico. We'll send news from Papalote in Mexico City, and from the schools surrounding the real monarch sanctuaries near Angangeuo. Find out how fast the butterflies traveled, and exactly how many symbolic butterflies made the trip. By way of thanks, we will also list the names of the many people who are helping to conserve monarch habitat in Mexico, through a donation to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation.

Visit the Symbolic Migration Traveling Exhibit:

Exhibit Room 1

Exhibit Room 2

Exhibit Room 3

The FINAL Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted on November 17, 1999

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