Monarch Butterfly
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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration
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the de Jesus Family of Comunidad Garatachea

While waiting for our meal, the boys took me outside to see their animals--a horse, a donkey, chickens, goats, sheep and a dog. As we walked past the baled oats, as tall as the boys themselves, I asked if they knew how to make them. "Claro que si! (Of course!)" they answered together and immediately began to show me. It took 3-4 minutes to make each bale; their animals eat 1 bale per day. "Mucho trabaho!" they said, expressing the hours of work required to make the hundred bales or so in view.

Instead of tractors, teams of oxen are used to clear fields in this part of Mexico. I'd often wished for a better view. They surprised us by harnessing the pair for us to try. Everyone gathered to watch and laugh. I struggled to keep the plow in the soil, whereas Gustavo could drive the team and plow with one hand.

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