Monarch Butterfly
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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration
Home Visit With
the de Jesus Family of Comunidad Garatachea

We were most impressed as watched Noemi helping her mother prepare a meal for us. Her job was to make tortillas, and her speed and casual manner proved she was an expert. She loved having her picture taken, and must have made 40-50 tortillas in the hour we were there watching.

It was early November when we visited and the family's "ofrenda", an alter for the Dia de los Muertos, was still in the corner of the kitchen. The candles were burning in memory of family's dead relatives, and the favorite food of the dead was waiting for the spirits to visit. You can see the ofrenda on top of the cupboard where their plates and dishes are kept.

This is a place where humans seem to be part of the earth they live upon. The family grows most of their own food. Corn for tortillas, chicken, eggs and cow's milk are eaten each day. Water comes from the mountain spring, and is stored in the trunk of a hollowed oyamel tree. This is same trees on which the monarchs rest in the forest beyond. Noemi is pictured here with the corn and beans grown by her family.

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