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Send a Monarch to Mexico!

Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: October 28, 1998

Today's Update Includes:

How Many Symbolic Butterflies Will be Flying to Mexico?
We couldn't resist! Yesterday we jumped in with the butterflies and took this picture. (We were very careful not to step on any of your special monarchs.) We're sure you must be wondering:


Challenge Question #10

"How many symbolic monarch buterflies do you suppose there are?"
(Click on photo to enlarge.) 

1) From left to right, that's Joel Halvorson, Elizabeth Donnelly, Beth Allen and Julie Brophy, all normal sized people.
2) The sea of butterflies you see measures 120" x 120" x 12"
3) If you were to count the butterflies in a 1 foot cube, you would get about 400 butterflies.

Now it's your turn try counting all these butterflies. Good luck!

To respond to this question please follow these steps:

  1. Address an e-mail message to:
  2. In the Subject Line of your message write: Challenge Question # 10
  3. In the body of the message, answer the question above.

Butterflies Ready to Take Off on Monday
Mark your calendar! Your butterflies will continue on their journey to Mexico next Monday, November 2. When they leave Minneapolis that evening, UPS will give us the special tracking number. We'll post it for you no later than 8 pm and challenge you to guess how long their trip will take. Get ready now to track the Symbolic Migration:

Thanks For the Lift
It's a long way from Minnesota to Mexico but, thanks to UPS, your butterflies will receive a free ride. We encourage you to thank UPS directly. Without Mr. Jim Meyer, CEO of UPS Minnesota, this would not have been done! Letters should be addressed and sent to:

Mr. Jim Meyer
District Manager
United Parcel Service
3312 Broadway Street N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55413

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted on October 28, 1998 (by 8 pm).

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