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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration
Send a Monarch to Mexico
How to Send Your Monarch to Mexico

Remember, migration is a risky business. Please follow these instructions very carefully so your butterflies survive their migration!!

More About Your Butterfly's Journey
The Journey North office will become a migration staging area for paper butterflies this fall. In late October, the butterflies will be packaged into large boxes and carried to Mexico. They will be distributed to schools across Mexico by Papalote, Museo del Nino, including schools in the monarch sanctuary region. When the real monarchs leave Mexico in the spring, our friends at Papalote will return the butterflies to the Journey North office. There they will be put into the envelopes you and other classrooms provided for their return trip. Sometime next spring, your envelope will arrive and-- if all goes well-- inside you'll find the same number of butterflies you sent to Mexico. But these butterflies won't be your own. The butterflies you receive next spring will tell their own stories as you discover who made them, who cared for them during the winter, and where they have traveled.

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