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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration
Send a Monarch to Mexico
Making A Monarch for the Migration

With the help of your school's art teacher, explore how your butterfly will be designed and decorated. Using only paper, how can you convey the fragile nature of a butterfly? At the same time, how can make sure your monarch survives its journey south, the winter months in Mexico, and its journey north next spring? Your butterfly symbolizes a real monarch butterfly. It is a visitor to Mexico who returns year after year and depends on the Mexican people for survival. How can your butterfly serve as an ambassador of goodwill? How can it represent you and express your appreciation?

Design your own monarch, or follow a design created by:

For Successful Migration, Every Butterfly Must:

Important: This year, all writing must be typed, not handwritten. Here's why: Last year, the writing on many butterflies was impossible to read. The students who received them could not tell where the butterflies came from or who sent them. They were not able to write back to the sender either. Remember, this is especially important because your writing must be read by a student who speaks Spanish. Don't forget: Each individual butterfly needs a name and address. Last year, some people didn't realize that these butterflies travel with thousands and thousands of other butterflies, and do not remain with others from the same classroom.

Warning to All Migrating Butterflies
If you do not meet these design requirements, you will not be sent to Mexico! Please help us to make this project manageable so it can continue in the future!

Try This!
You may want to include these things with your butterfly:

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