The Symbolic Monarchs are in Mexico!
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Isaac Arriaga School, Angangueo, Michoacán
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This school is the 2nd oldest in town, and is right beside the town center. Children listened to the conservation talk about the importance of forests, and the way last winter's landslides occurred as a consequence of deforestation.
Vicente Guerrero Elementary, Las Palmas Community, Ocampo, Michoacán


Grades 1 and 2



Grades 3 and 4

Multi-grades are attending class at the same time, in the same classroom, and with the same teacher.

As every Monday, rendering honor to our flag. The is the nearest school to El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

Notice that the primary school still preserves their wooden classroom and, at the back, their wooden bathroom which only a few schools still have these days.

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Grades 5 and 6 Estela helping the youngest children to write letters.
Guadalupe Victoria Elementary, El Rosario Community, Ocampo, Michoacán
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Receiving symbolic butterflies.

Grade 3

Thinking what to write best in the letter.
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Grade 1

Grade 1
Still not easy to write by themselves.

Grade 2

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Break time for grades 3 & 4. Grade 4 Buying some ice cream at break-time.
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Grade 5a Grade 5b Grade 6
Guadalupe Victoria was the first president of Mexico. He was a Mexican revolutionary soldier who fought for independence against Spain in the War of Independence. He lived from 1786-1843.
“Niños Héroes” Elementary, San Luis Community, Ocampo, Michoacán
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Grades 1 and 2
The only time my camera failed!!!

Grades 3 and 4

Grade 5

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Grade 5b

Grade 6a

Grade 6b

This is the 2nd school I visited that is named after the Niños Héroes ("Boy Heroes"), six teenage solders who died in Mexico City while defending Mexico from invading U.S. forces in 1847.
"Colegio Corregidora" School, Ocampo, Michoacán
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Grade 4

Grade 5 Grade 6
This school is now settled in Ocampo, after being based in Angangueo for 85 years. They moved due to the flooding events in Angangueo last year. Journey North visited them in their new facilities.
"Jose Maria Morelos" Elementary, La Cantera community, Ocampo, Michoacán
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Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 6
Emiliano Zapata Elementary, El Asoleadero Community, Ocampo, Michoacán
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Grade 2

Grade 4a

Grade 6

A conservation message is left with every group visited, emphasizing the importance of preserving forest for the preservation of the Monarchs and our own life as a community. After last February's deadly landslides people are understanding how important to conserve the forest!




Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5a



Grade 5b Delighted writing the letter for US and Canadian children. Making a Piñata!
Gregorio Torres Quintero School, Hervidero y Plancha Community, Ocampo, Michoacán

children receiving symbolic butterflies in Mexico

Grades 3, 4, and 6

Children wave to US and Canadian children on behalf of all our children in the region!!! Children receiving Symbolic Monarch Butterflies in Mexico
Thank you, Estela and Rocinante!