Symbolic Migration Update: November 4, 2013 Please Report
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The first real monarchs are starting to arrive in Mexico and your symbolic butterflies will soon be joining them!

Today's Report Includes:

symbolic migration map
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Gallery: 2013 Symbolic Monarch Sample Gallery
Explore the amazing ambassador butterfly creations featured in this year's Symbolic Monarch Gallery.

"These are TRULY ambassadors! Look at the details!" Journey North workers exclaim as they open your butterfly envelopes.

bfly bfly bfly
bfly bfly bfly
Slideshow: The Arrival and Mexican Traditions
Every year, the first monarchs traditionally arrive at their winter home in Mexico by the first of November. People connect the arrival of the monarchs with two events that take place in Mexico at the time, the corn harvest and Dia de los Muertos. Monarch's Arrival and Mexican Traditions
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