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Greetings from Estela Romero

Dear Canadian and North American children:

Your Symbolic Monarchs are ready to start visiting our local schools. Almost 1,500 native children in these schools will receive letters written from all of you. We will travel to 20 schools around El Rosario and Sierra Chincua Sanctuaries, the two main monarch overwintering sites.

My proud little VW will be transporting every day an average of 100 letters and symbolic Monarchs to these children. In return, a letter will be collected from each of them telling you about their daily life, likes and culture in general. They want you to know they are taking care of the monarchs overwintering in the local oyamel forests.

So, while the countdown to the first delivery approaches zero, and the VW is being readied, we are excited to report to you. Watch for updated news as the season goes on. Soon you will be able to search for your class butterfly and learn where it was received this winter.

Let the countdown begin! José Alberto, Rosa Isela, Javier, Erika, and Estela are ready.

Here we go...!!!

- Estela Romero

symbolic monarchs and messages
Ready to Go!


symbolic monarchs and messages
Estela's VW


symbolic monarchs and messages
José Alberto, Rosa Isela, Javier, and Erika