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Greetings from Mexico,

The monarchs' arrival is near and I can imagine that you are excited to prepare for the symbolic migration. It is a time of anticipation and we look forward to receiving your beautiful hand-made paper butterflies!

This year I have two important things to share regarding the symbolic Monarchs and their respective letters from the children:

1. It would be fabulous if children could create their symbolic butterflies decorating them with very bright colors. This enormously motivates children. They fall in love at first sight with the way their symbolic butterfly is attractive, but keep a little silent if their butterfly looks somewhat dark or empty.

2. It is extremely encouraging for the children to find some kind of paper gift enclosed with their butterfly packet. Including a bookmark (preferably), or a sheet of fun stamps, or a postcard doesn’t add much weight. With this kind of small gift the children feel happy that a part of the visiting symbolic butterfly stays with them.

Many heartfelt greetings from Mexico,

Estela Romero