Update: September 21, 2012
Please Report
After sending your butterflies

Welcome to the 2012 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration

The migration has started! Postmark YOUR butterflies by October 12.

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week

LexingtonBuilding a Classroom Butterfly

How To Participate: Teacher Packet

This fall, you will make a large class butterfly, and each student will make one life-sized butterfly. These tiny butterflies will be packed into a cluster inside your larger class butterfly. In the spring your class will receive a large butterfly and a cluster of small butterflies made by kids all across North America.

Make and Send Your Class Butterfly!
All you need to know is found inside the packet.

Spotlight: Activities and a Slide Show
As your class prepares to send an ambassador butterfly to Mexico, use these activities to introduce the spirit of the Symbolic Migration. The symbolic butterflies build bridges of communication and friendship between children of Mexico, the United States and Canada. The paper butterflies symbolize international cooperation for monarch conservation.


Slideshow: Monarch Butterfly Migration | Crossing Borders and Connecting People
Start Here: Activity 1

Donate: Buy a Book for Mexico

Connecting Students Through Literature
The book Monarch! Come Play with Me tells the story of the monarch life cycle from a child's point of view. You have an opportunity to send the Spanish version of the book to a classroom in Mexico. Estela Romero will deliver the books.

buy a book for Mexico
Deadline Approaching: Postmark by Friday,October 12!

After you send your butterfly on its journey, report to the Fall Migration map. After reporting, your class will appear on the map. Participating classrooms across North America can connect through the map.

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted in October 19, 2012.

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