Symbolic Migration Update: October 19, 2012 Please Report
After sending your butterflies
Mail trucks carrying ambassador butterflies are arriving daily at the staging grounds in Minnesota. Each of these butterflies is a bridge connecting students around the world in monarch conservation. In their designs, every symbolic monarch butterfly shares a personal story.

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
books for students in Mexico
Photo:Monarchs Across Georgia
Connecting Through Literature
Spotlight: Faces Behind the Butterflies
Here is a peek at some of the people who have already reported sending ambassador butterflies to Mexico.
Shipley School U4EA Ranch New York students
The Shipley School
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
U4EA Ranch Academy
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Warner Library
Tarrytown, New York
New Hampshire blass Ambassador Butterfly class with goat
Lafayette Regional School
Franconia, New Hampshire
How many ways does this butterfly show that it is an "ambassador"? St. Vincent de Paul School
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Hay Springs Sarasota Hominy School
West Hoke Elementary
Raeford, North Carolina
Out-of-Door Academy
Sarasota, Florida
Hominy Valley Elementary
Chandler, North Carolina
Report: Join the Community
Build a sense of community between your students and thousands of others around the world who are united by monarch migration. Symbolic Butterfly Map
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Coming Soon: Symbolic Gallery
Watch for the 2012 Sample Butterfly Gallery coming on November 2.