Symbolic Migration Update: November 16, 2011

Bienvenidos! Your symbolic butterflies are now being welcomed in Mexico where the first school visits have begun. Meet "Rocinante," the little red Volkswagon Estela will drive to the sanctuary schools again this year. Mexican students plant oyamel fir trees to symbolize conservation needs. See sample ambassador butterflies in this week's photo galleries.

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the Little Red Volkswagon
Ready to Go!

Passenger List Coming December

Has your ambassador butterfly left for Mexico? Watch for a passenger list in early December. It will will show all participating classrooms. Stay tuned!


Your Butterflies Arrive!
"Welcome every single symbolic butterfly from the hands of every Canadian and American child this season. Here We Go!" - Estela Romero

This proclaimation marks the start of the 2011 symbolic butterfly adventures in Mexico. Estela and "Rocinante" have begun their work.

Your symbolic butterflies will travel rugged mountain roads to reach the classrooms in the monarch sanctuary region this winter. Estela will take them to the schools, where students will share them and have their pictures taken. In January we will be posting lists to help find your butterfly. Stay tuned...

Rocinante Rides Again
Almost retired this year, Rocinante, the Volkswagon will work one more season to deliver your butterflies. Read Estela's story about a typical classroom visit.

Symbolic butterflies arrive!
Students gather as a class to have their picture taken with their special butterflies

Colegio de Bachilleres HS students
Do you see YOUR butterfly?

Oyamel Fir Trees for Conservation

Each winter, monarchs find a home in Mexico's rare Oyamel fir forests. (See map.) Oyamels can only grow on high altitude mountains, between 2,400 and 3,600 meters. The cool, moist microclimate provides the unique conditions oyamel fir trees and monarchs need to survive.

This year students at each school Journey North visits will receive an oyamel fir to plant on their school grounds. These little trees symbolize the importance of conservation and protecting monarch habitat for the next generations.


Students plant the rare Oyamel at El Rosario school.

Galleries of Butterfly Examples

A symbolic butterfly is a gift. Every one brings a message of friendship and ambassadorship in a different way. Each year we randomly pull samples of the butterflies we receive for the Galleries. We hope these samples give you a snapshot of the creative ways messages are expressed. WOW! Take a look!

Monongah Lexington Lexington
Only a sample of symbolic butterflies are included in the 2011-2012 Galleries. Also visit the Symbolic Migration map to find additional butterfly pictures included when reports were sent.

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted in December 2, 2011.