Update: October 14, 2011
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Welcome to Journey North's Symbolic Migration
The deadline has passed and mail trucks filled with your Symbolic Butterflies arrive daily. Just like the real monarchs, symbolic butterflies are preparing for their fall journey south to Mexico. Use the map as a gathering place to see the places this year's butterflies were made. Share in their beauty and delight in their messages of goodwill!

Today's Report Includes:


Prospect Park Sends
to Mexico


The Butterflies are Arriving

Your butterflies are gathering here at the Symbolic Monarch Capital of the World. Each day the mail truck brings more baskets full of your butterfly packets.

All of the envelopes are opened, inspected, and recorded, then their precious ambassador butterflies take a rest in the final box that will carry it to the schools in Mexico.

Workers "oo-h and aw-e" over the creatively made butterflies. Like beautiful snowflakes, each butterfly has come together to form a special work of art, and carries a message of caring and interest in monarch safety and conservation.

Each envelope is checked and recorded as the precious cargo waits to make the trip to the monarch butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico. Students in Mexico will eagerly receive your gifts of friendship and conservation.



puzzle bfly
Each paper butterfly ambassador will soon start their journey to the classrooms and Mexican school children that are waiting to welcome them.
Your butterflies carry a message that's loud and clear:
“Thank you for taking care of our Monarchs!”
Who's Sending Butterflies?

Is Your Dot on the Map?
There's still time to report and add to the map. Make sure your classroom has made its mark!

What messages can you find behind each classroom's dot on the map?

  • Greetings from Rockport, Maine.
    We are in Second Grade studying Spanish. Thank you for taking care of the monarch butterflies.
    Saludos desde Rockport de Maine. Estamos en el segundo grado estudiando el espanol. Muchas gracias por cuidar a las mariposas monarcas!

Symbolic Butterfly Sample Gallery Coming Soon

Watch for the 2011 Sample Butterfly Gallery in our next update.


The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted November 7, 2011.