Symbolic Migration 2011-2012

Fall, 2011
Posted: Sep. 23, Oct. 14, Nov. 7, Dec. 2, and Dec. 16
children in update December 2, 2011
Who sent ambassador butterflies to Mexico this year? Check out the list. Your ambassador butterflies are now being delivered to students who live beside the monarch's winter sanctuaries. As of today, Estela Romero has delivered half of this year's 1,710 butterflies. Explore the map and see what schools have already received their butterflies.
delivering butterflies November 16, 2011
Your butterflies are welcomed to Mexico. The first school visits have begun. Learn about the return of "Rocinante." The old red Volkswagon will carry the butterflies to the sanctuary schools again this year. Students plant oyamel fir trees in their school yards to symbolize their efforts at monarch conservation. Visit the galleries of beautiful butterflies.
gallery November 7, 2011
Just as the first monarchs are arriving in Mexico, so are the Symbolic Monarchs! Learn more about the seasonal and cultural events that take place in Mexico during this special time of year. The Symbolic Butterfly Sample Gallery 2011 is open. See a sampling of amazing butterflies. Who are participating schools? Find out and add yours to the map.
symbolic butterfly

October 14, 2011
The deadline has passed and mail trucks filled with your Symbolic Butterflies arrive daily. Just like the real monarchs, symbolic butterflies are preparing for their fall journey south to Mexico. Use the map as a gathering place to see where this year's butterflies were made. Share in their beauty and delight in their messages of goodwill!

child with butterfly September 23, 2011
The "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" is starting. Only two weeks left before the Postmark Deadline on October 11. Be sure to read the Teachers Packet to find out about making and sending both the large, classroom butterfly and individual life-size butterflies. Try four new activities and view a slideshow to prepare for the spirit of the Symbolic Migration.

Send a Monarch to Mexico 2011!
News will be posted here this fall as the 16th annual "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" takes place across North America. Students in the United States and Canada are creating thousands of paper butterflies that will migrate to their counterparts in Mexico for the winter. Join the celebration! Here's how to participate.