Symbolic Migration 2010-2011

Fall, 2010
making pinata

December 14, 2010
Happy Holidays from your Friends in Mexico
In Mexico, Posada (celebrating the arrival of Christmas) starts this week with prayer, song, and merriment. For the children all over Mexico celebrations include the Piñata. Learn how to make your own Piñata with instructions from the students of Emiliano Zapata. Then take a peek at classes of first students to receive your butterflies. Maybe you'll spot your own!

children December 3, 2010
Rocinante's work has begun! The mighty little red Volkswagen is delivering symbolic butterflies to the children of Mexico. Estela takes your butterflies and her "green talk" to the schools to share the importance of conservation. Your contributions to the Monarch Butterfly Fund are helping to conserve the monarch migration now and for generations to come. Learn more about the Monarch Butterfly Fund and find out who contributed.
red vw November 8, 2010
Just like the real monarchs, your colorful paper butterflies have made the journey across the continent and landed in Mexico. The shipment, with almost 2,000 beautiful classroom butterflies, left headquarters one week ago. At the other end of their journey the butterflies will meet Estela Romero and her faithful little red Volkswagon. Learn about how the VW got its name from the adventures of Don Quijote de la Mancha and Sancho Panza. Who sent butterflies to Mexico? Find your name on the 2010 Passenger List.
sm bfly October 15, 2010
The postmark deadline (October 12) has passed and your symbolic butterflies are arriving from all over North America and beyond. Has your classroom made its mark and shared your comments on the map? Brush up on your Spanish language skills reading the messages written in the home language of the school children living near the monarch sanctuaries. Take a moment to stroll the Sample Gallery and enjoy a sampling of the butterflies you've sent this fall.
sym butterfly September 24, 2010
The "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" is starting! Just as the real monarch butterflies are migrating south to their wintering site in Mexico, students are making hand-crafted butterflies carrying messages of goodwill to the students in Mexico. Instructions for 2010 have changed. Be sure to read the Teacher Packet to learn about the changes. Try some lessons to prepare for the migration and see what is happening in Angangueo since the flood.

Send a Monarch to Mexico 2010!
News will be posted here this fall as the 15th annual "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" takes place across North America. Students in the United States and Canada are creating thousands of paper butterflies that will migrate to their counterparts in Mexico for the winter. Join the celebration! Here's how to participate.