Symbolic Migration 2009-2010
Winter - Spring, 2010

April 13, 2010
Your return envelopes will soon be on their way back to you. Inside them you will receive an ambassador butterfly, news from the sanctuary area, and your "seeds of hope." Make room in your schoolyard garden to plant your milkweed seeds. Provide food for monarchs and hope for future monarch generations. When you receive your ambassador butterfly report to the Spring Map!
February 22, 2010
This month's disaster in Mexico's monarch butterfly region has caused pain and hardship for thousands. News from Angangueo tells of the enormous amount of work to do to dig out from the flood. We have now heard that the Symbolic Monarch butterflies we sent to Mexico—symbols of friendship and a shared resource—were also destroyed in the flood waters. Find out how students can support the community and let their concerns be known.
January 19 , 2010
This year over 400 Journey North classrooms sent contributions of $7,573 to support the projects and initiatives that will protect the monarchs’ winter habitat. Learn about the Monarch Butterfly Fund - who they are and what kinds of projects they are supporting with your help. Then view the MBF Contributors List for 2009!
January 15 , 2010
Search and find your butterflies using our search engine. Then, follow along with Estela and Melita on their wide spread travels to the schools in the Monarch Sanctuary area. As they distribute your butterflies the students learn about the monarch life cycle. With their camera in hand, Estela and Melita capture the excitement of the students as they receive your symbols of goodwill.

Fall, 2009

December 22, 2009
Thousands of hand-made paper butterflies are being distributed to school children in the sanctuary area of Mexico. These along with the real butterflies will stay in Mexico until spring when the migration north begins again. Read Estela's Travel Log and meet her helper, Melita. The total number of butterflies this year? 56,598! Find your name on the passenger list.
November 24, 2009
The big butterfly shipment is headed to Mexico. UPS picked up 10 boxes filled with symbolic monarch butterflies and they are on their way! You can track their travel. Try estimating how many butterflies were sent this year. Meet Estela Romero and visit a school. The 2009 Symbolic Art Gallery has been expanded to hold even more butterflies. Come visit! Photo: Maria Estela Romero
November 17, 2009
There are beautiful butterflies everywhere! Visit the Symbolic Butterfly Capital of the World at the Journey North headquarters. Your symbolic butterflies are almost ready for their big shipment to Mexico. Take a look at the 2009 Art Gallery. It is filled with hand-crafted butterflies of all kinds. And visit the map where each dot represents a participating classroom. Add your dot, too. It’s not too late.
September 25, 2009
Welcome to the 2009 Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration. Let's send butterflies to Mexico! The postmark deadline is approaching – October 13 – only a few weeks away. Learn about the 4 things you will need to make, print, and mail. We want your class butterflies to complete a successful migration! Read carefully.
Photo: Sheila Turner

Send a Monarch to Mexico 2009!
News will be posted here this fall as the 14th annual "Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration" takes place across North America. Students in the United States and Canada are creating thousands of paper butterflies that will migrate to their counterparts in Mexico for the winter. Join the celebration! Here's how to participate.