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Symbolic Butterfly Migration Update: December 8, 2006

Life in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Region of Mexico
Berenices at school

The paper butterflies have landed in Angangueo and are being delivered to the schools in the sanctuary area. Who are the children that will care for them until their return journey back north in Spring 2007?

Imagine you could travel with the butterflies up the windy roads to the Mexican schools. Who would you meet there? What would it be like to visit the students and families at their homes and schools?

We have a sampling of stories and pictures to share about the people who live in the monarch sanctuary region. Recorded in both Spanish and English, these stories tell of the personal side of monarch conservation, as seen through the eyes of the children and families who live in the region.

  • Life in the Sanctuary Region >>


Try This:
Pull up the Spanish version of each story first. Can you read any of the words? Study the pictures carefully, and then write a paragraph about what you see.


Participation High for Monarch Conservation!
A BIG thanks to all the students, teachers, individuals, clubs and associations from across the U.S. and Canada for their many contributions and generous support of the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF).

A total of $13,924 (U.S. dollars) was contributed during this fall's Symbolic Monarch Migration for conservation work in Mexico!

Thanks to the following people...... y Gracias de las
mariposas monarcas!

Monarch Math
Of the 3,086 classrooms who participated in the Symbolic Migration, 39.5 % sent contributions for conservation efforts in Mexico! A total of $13,924 (U.S. dollars) was contributed during this fall's Symbolic Monarch Migration for conservation work in Mexico!

Sharpen your pencils and try this math challenge:
In the fall of 2006, 65,565 symbolic monarchs were sent to Mexico.The students collected a total of $13,924 (U.S. dollars) for Monarch conservation work.

How Much does Each Paper Butterfly Carry?

  • If each paper butterfly carried an equal amount of conservation money to Mexico how much would each of the 65,565 butterflies carry?
How much did each butterfly carry to Mexico?
Check YOUR answer!

This is the FINAL Symbolic Monarch Migration Update for 2006.

We'll be back in Spring 2007!

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