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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: November 22, 2006

Symbolic Monarchs Arrive at Sanctuaries!
Sharpen your pencils for this calculation. How long did they travel?

Butterflies Left at 3:47PM Thursday, 11/09/06
Arrive in Angangueo at 11:40AM Thursday, 11/16/06
How many days, hours, and minutes did they travel?

How Many Butterflies Traveled to Mexico this year?

What's the Actual Total???

(Drum Roll...)

65,565 butterflies from 3,086 classrooms!

How many butterflies fill these boxes?

Did you ESTIMATE? Go find your answer and compare with ours!
We told you:

  1. The total weight of all of the butterflies was 360 pounds, and
  2. 3,190 butterflies weighed 19 pounds.
  3. Total weight of all boxes of butterflies = 360 pounds.

We calculated like this:
3,190 butterflies = 19 pounds; "x" butterflies = 360 pounds
"x" = 60,442 butterflies
Do you agree? How did you calculate the estimated total?

"All Aboarrrd?!" 2006 Symbolic Migration Passenger List
2006 brought a record number of symbolic butterflies. We hope we have reported each and every envelope that came to the staging grounds in Minnesota. Check for your school:

IMPORTANT: These lists are compiled in alphabetical order by name (not abbreviation) of state, province, or country. (All countries are mixed together.) Please carefully check the lists for your school. If you sent butterflies to Journey North and you do not find your name on the list, don't be alarmed. Send any questions to our feedback form. (Include your school’s full name and address, and the number of butterflies you sent.)

Buen Viaje Mariposas!

Symbolic Migration Art Gallery Including New Arrivals
Come and feast your eyes on a sampling of this year's symbolic butterflies. Imagine the excitement they will bring to the school children in neighboring Mexico! All of the paper butterflies carry beautiful messages of caring and hope for the safety of the monarchs during their winter stay in the sanctuary areas. They are ambassadors of good will and friendship.

We think you'll love visiting this special exhibition of your fine artwork!

Tour the Gallery, enjoy the artwork, and see if you can find YOUR Butterfly!

Visit the Galleries: Do you see your Butterfly?
Gallery One
Ambassador Butterflies
Gallery Two
Collage Creations
Gallery Three
Artistic Realism
Gallery Four
Sensationally Symmetrical
Gallery Five
Special Messages
Gallery Six
Creatively Colorful

Mark your Calendar! Here What's Next for Your Symbolic Butterflies:
COMING December 9th
List of donors to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation proudly displayed.
While your Butterflies are in the care of the Mexican people, read about life in the sanctuary region.

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted on December 9, 2006.

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