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Symbolic Butterfly Migration Update: October 2, 2006

Included in this Reminder:

Reminder: The Postmark Deadline is October 13
A MN student puts finishing touches on his butterfly

“ Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go to Mexico!”
Kindergartners in MN made up this little jingle as they prepared their symbolic monarchs for the trip to Mexico last week.
Are YOU preparing for the October 13 deadline?
  • How to Make a Symbolic Monarch >>


Don't Miss The Trip!

Please follow the checklist so we don't have to return your butterflies.

  • Checklist >>

Border Crossings: Your Tiny Symbolic Ambassadors
Symbolic monarchs that we exchange are ambassadors that carry messages between northern students and students in Mexico, where the monarchs overwinter. The symbolic monarch you make represents you and expresses your interest, friendship, and appreciation for the role the Mexican people play in monarch conservation.

As you prepare to send your monarch as an ambassador to Mexico, we recommend the following lessons to help reinforce the spirit and objectives of the Symbolic Monarch Migration.

  • Symbolic Migration Lessons >>

Monarch Math: Give it a Try

Packages are already making their way to the Journey North headquarters! Each day more envelopes of butterflies arrive. We calculate about 2266 symbolic butterflies from 30 states and provinces have landed. They have arrived in 103 envelopes.

  • How many math problems can you make with these facts?

Hook In to Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15, the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico declared its independence on September 16 and Chile on September 18.
  • Explore Spanish, Hispanic, and Latin-American literature this month as you prepare your symbolic butterflies for migration. >>

Check Your Steps--Did You "Check" the Checklist for 2006?
1) Print the Migration Checklist and read the packing information carefully.

2) Follow the mailing instructions on the Migration Checklist exactly.

3) Check off as you complete each task.

4) Enclose the Migration Checklist with your butterflies

"We're Helping Monarchs"--Your Donations at Work
Students' contributions have helped protect the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries in Mexico in many ways. The sanctuaries are not adequately protected. Deforestation threatens the habitat monarchs need to survive. Saving the sanctuaries is a challenge because the people who live there depend on the forest for survival too, just like the monarchs. All student donations support the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation's important work. Please help!

Visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation website for details.


Please write checks to:
The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation and enclose with your butterflies.

For Complete Informaton on How to Participate in the Symbolic Migration
The "Spirit of the Monarch"
Monarch migration can be a mysterious concept. A teacher in NJ wrote about her reasons for participating in the symbolic migration:

“…to expand our horizons, give the children a sense of migration, to connect with children involved in this same project and communicate with them - and to keep the Monarch magic going and alive! And for our little boy who cried when we released our first batch, a sense of the spirit of the Monarch will return to us in ways we could not have imagined!”

Mark your Calendar! What's Next for Your Symbolic Butterflies
Coming in our next report on October 28:

  • Watch the Flurry: Peek in on your Butterflies at the Staging Grounds

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