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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: October 28, 2005

That's so Cool!

"Oh, that's so pretty!", "Look at this one--it's so beautiful!", "That's so Cool!", "Every one--so unique!" These are just a few of the exclamations coming from Journey North headquarters as workers open each package of symbolic butterflies headed for Mexico.
Here's a peek at what we've been seeing.

Butterflies Now Staging in Minnesota
A daily sight!

Here's the latest news from the symbolic migration staging ground in Minnesota, where your butterflies are resting comfortably--at least for now.

With the deadline come and gone it seems the Journey North headquarters is bursting at the seams with your beautiful butterflies. Journey North staff and volunteers have been taking on the enormous task of processing the big beautiful butterfly cargo in preparation for the rest of its migration to Mexico.

For many days we hauled box after box from the mail trucks daily! As each and every envelope arrives we check its contents. It is most important that all the information is there on your return envelope. We want to make sure of a safe return of butterflies back to each of you in the spring. (Beth Allen, in charge of the Symbolic Monarch, oversees the entire project. Thank you, Beth!).

Preparing this year's beautiful butterfly cargo.
sm_fall05_28 sm_fall05_12 sm_fall05_15
sm_fall05_22 sm_fall05_33 sm_fall05_25
sm_fall05_32 sm_fall05_33
Thousands of symbolic monarchs have flooded into the staging grounds here at the Journey North headquarters. They are sorted and boxed up for their journey to the mountains in Mexico where the real monarchs are staging for the winter months.


Butterflies are delivered from across North America.
One butterfly goes to Northern Mexico

The rest go to the Monarch Sanctuary Schools and Exhibits.


We take out your Donations
(Thank you!)
Return envelopes are saved for Spring.
Beth Allen coordinates the whole show.
(Thank you, Beth!)

Try This! Are You an Ambassador for Your Country?
Symbolic monarchs that we exchange are ambassadors that carry messages between northern students and students in Mexico, where the monarchs over-winter. The symbolic monarch you made represents you and expresses your interest, friendship, and appreciation for the role the Mexican people play in monarch conservation.

As you follow the migrations of real and symbolic butterflies this year, plan to look for similarities and differences between the migrations. Keep a list of comparisons all year in your Journal and watch it grow. If you haven't already done so, here are some questions to consider and some lessons to try.

Journaling Questions:
  • Who is responsible for the monarchs at each stage of their lives?
  • What happens when the butterflies cross national borders?
  • What obstacles might they encounter during their migration?
  • How do the butterflies find their wintering grounds?
  • Are there times during the fall, winter or spring when the entire population is at risk?

These butterflies are a shared natural resource. Symbolic Migration Lessons help reinforce the spirit and objectives of the Symbolic Monarch Migration.

Mark your Calendar! Here What's in Store for Your Symbolic Butterflies:

COMING November 4th

  • Symbolic Butterfly Art Galleries: View a sampling of your creative masterpieces!


  • Passenger Lists (so you can make sure your Symbolic Butterflies were on board).
  • Challenge Question #1: Facts will be posted to help you predict the total number of symbolic monarchs migrating to Mexico.
  • Challenge Question #2: A special UPS Tracking number will be posted so you can try to predict exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds the symbolic migration will take to Mexico.

COMING December 9th

  • Total number of Symbolic Butterflies revealed.
  • Total days, hours and minutes it took to reach Mexico revealed.
  • List of donors to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation proudly displayed.
  • While your Butterflies are in the care of the Mexican people, read about life in the sanctuary region.

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted on November 4th, 2005.

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