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Event: Oriole (1st Baltimore)
Date of Sighting: 05/07/2014 Latitude: 40.4337 Longitude: -91.7538
Town: Kahoka State/Province: MO Country:
My first sighting was May 1st, but we noticed their singing a couple weeks before that. They continue to come to my jam jelly feeder and hummingbird feeder throughout the days.

We have 2 or 3 pair coming to the yard to feed. One pair comes from the south side where it nest each summer in a tall tree. The second pair fly’s from the north side but I’m not sure where they are nesting. And the last pair, well this is either the third pair or the pair that comes from the north…I can’t tell yet.

I need to do a search to see how far apart to set my jam jelly feeders. I have the best luck with grape jelly but offer oranges to. They are territorial and chase each other. The male from the south side always wins. I don’t know how many will continue to come to the yard, or if the one male will eventually chase the others away for the season. I don’t know enough about the birds, but would love to know.
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Name: Teresa K Teacher's Name:
City: Kahoka   School:  
State/Province: MO   Grade:  
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