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Event: Robin (First SEEN)
Date of Sighting: 05/06/2014 Latitude: 62.6478 Longitude: -159.7949
Town: Shageluk State/Province: AK Country:

After a long and unusual wait, Robins have arrived in Shageluk, Alaska!

The temperature has averaged a warm 40 degrees for two weeks, the Innoko River ice is out, the lakes are slowly opening up, Geese and Ducks have been around for two weeks now, Varied Thrush, White-crowned Sparrows, Fox Sparrows and Juncos sing their cheery songs at the break of day, and now we finally hear our Robins!

This year I have realized that the first Robins of the year in our area give a forceful, “I am here now! I’m settling in” call. I should know better than to think our spring Pine Grosbeaks sound like Robins. Robins definitely announce their arrival. “I’M HERE! LET’S GET ON WITH THINGS!”

I know in many places in the lower 48 states, Robins are already raising their young.
Be amazed and thrilled by the uniqueness of our earth. How does the same species of bird have such a wide-range of breeding capability?

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About the Observer
Name: Joyanne H Teacher's Name: Joyanne H
City: Shageluk   School: Innoko River School  
State/Province: AK   Grade: 5  
Contact the Observer: email this observer

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