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Event: Robin (First HEARD singing)
Date of Sighting: 04/26/2014 Latitude: 59.7855 Longitude: -151.3079
Town: Voznesenka State/Province: AK Country:
Well, my hopes began to diminish as the week progressed with lower temperatures, cloudy skies, and thin cold snow covering all that exposed ground. The night temperatures descended into the twenties, and during the day the thermometer struggled to get into the forties.

The rising optimism that I had felt now seemed totally unfounded, and I was prepared to revise my prediction that we would have our first robin by week's end. But on Saturday morning (4/26) I heard what seemed could possibly be a robin singing somewhere off over the tops of the spruce, hesitantly at first, but then more confident with each repetition of the song, and finally there it was: a full blown robin song announcing the passing of another winter.

On Sunday morning I was able to follow the song and finally came to where the performer was sitting high on a spruce snag announcing to the world that it was here and had brought the promise of spring with it. As if on cue, it was accompanied by the singing of Varied Thrushes, Ruby Crowned Kinglets, and far away the croaking of returning Sandhill Cranes. Yep, spring is here!

See when this Northern Observation Post predicted first robin song!

About the Observer
Name: Stan W Teacher's Name: Stan W
City: Voznesenka   School: Voznesenka School  
State/Province: AK   Grade: 10  
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