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Event: Robin (WAVE seen) Number: 34
Date of Sighting: 04/16/2014 Latitude: 51.4500 Longitude: -106.8000
Town: Glenside State/Province: SK Country:
Evening of 04/16 heard robins in tree row. -3 C. Snow still on ground. 04/17; +2 C. 30-35 robins (noticed two possible females)in garden. Put out about 30 old apples, currents, cherry jam, 3 cups of fresh strawberries out throughout the day, none was left at night. Next day 0 C. still 20-25 robins feeding on more fruit. Put out some peanut butter suet, but Juncos and various sparrows seemed more interested, yet no suet or fruit left that evening. Robins were noticed feeding on the ground between tree rows in grass, less showing up at fruit by 04/18, however the last 12 apples put out were eaten. 04/19 and 04/20 over 40 Robins now feeding in lawn +4 C. 04/19 lone light breasted robin chasing off two distinct males from fruit. Immature male?
About the Observer
Name: Jan E Teacher's Name:
City: Glenside   School:  
State/Province: SK   Grade:  
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