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Event: Robin (First HEARD singing) Number: 100
Date of Sighting: 04/14/2014 Latitude: 46.9363 Longitude: -109.3691
Town: lewistown State/Province: MT Country:
Walking to school Monday the trees around the Junior High were again filled with Robins and all were singing. It went on for several city blocks and the singing was loud. The weather was very nice with temps in the 40's at 7:30 am and no wind. Today, Wednesday April 16th, winter has returned with winter storm warnings, snow and cold temps (again)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is such a late spring! The poor robins are caught in the storm zone of colliding seasons, each bird in advanced stages of the the hormonal changes that come with spring and lengthening days and needing to be establishing a territory, while at the exact same time suffering all the dire food needs of late winter, when the ground is still cold and they need to be in cooperative mode to feed on fruit. So they're not really singing on territory yet--just getting VERY stirred up hormonally. It must feel very frustrating for them!

ONE of those robins will actually be the male who sticks around and keeps the territory. The others will give up and move on.
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Name: Steve P Teacher's Name: Steve P
City: lewistown   School: Lewistown Junior high  
State/Province: MT   Grade: 7  
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