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Event: Red-winged Blackbird (FIRST sighted)
Date of Sighting: 03/18/2014 Latitude: 44.0500 Longitude: -81.1167
Town: Mildmay State/Province: ON Country:
Small flock of Red-winged blackbirds arrived today. Last year March 13, 2013, Red-winged blackbirds, Common Grackles, Brown-headed Cowbirds, by the hundreds arrived at our feeding stations on the same day. Even a few Robins arrived with the large flock. The first Common Grackles arrived March 22, 2014, maybe 10 of them compared to last years numbers. I hope this keeps up because last year there were so many Cowbirds, Grackles, and Blackbirds still hanging around here when the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings and Eastern Bluebirds arrived none of them nested here and my sightings of them were few during the summer. I'd much prefer to see all my colourful friends at the feeders again.
About the Observer
Name: Alexandra S Teacher's Name:
City: Mildmay   School:  
State/Province: ON   Grade:  
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