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Event: Monarch Fall Roost Duration: 01 hours 15 minutes Number: 2000
Date of Sighting: 10/02/2013 Latitude: 41.9666 Longitude: -82.5166
Town: Point Pelee State/Province: ON Country:
There were three separate large roosts and several small mini roosts near the tip area of Point Pelee National park.

In one tree, the largest roost had about 1200 Monarchs. The second large roost in the same tree contained about 300 Monarchs. In addition, in the same tree also there were several much, much smaller roosts specking this same tree each of these "Mini" roosts contained anywhere from 5-20 Monarchs each.

In a separate tree further along, closer to tip area was a third roost approximately the same size as the smaller of the two big roosts in the first tree.

It was gorgeous here Wednesday. Being too nice to stay inside, I went to see if I could see any Monarch Butterflies. Absolutely STUNNED by what I saw! Certainly did not expect so many!!!

I am wondering if because it has been so wet & the weather had been warm & cold, they may just be late this year.

I am an avid nature lover who goes out here often for the love of nature, get in some exercise & to practice my amateur photography skills.
I have been watching for Monarchs off & on throughout September and into October.

The Photo is from the beginning of the sighting at 6pm the numbers quickly grew from here.

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