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Event: Practice Report (Any Species)
Date of Sighting: 07/15/2013 Latitude: 44.1402 Longitude: -121.2984
Town: Bend State/Province: OR Country:
At 8:00 PM my five year old son and I were elated to witness two of the five baby robins fledge from their fabulous nest located in a maple located in front of our house. It took about 30 minutes for them to puff up their courage to first hop out the nest onto close branches. After hopping to outer branches they each rested and looked around and tried their wings before finally flying off. We could hear adult birds calling ostensibly to them but can't be certain. One made it to a nearby Juniper tree where it sat on a branch for five minutes before taking another longer flight out of sight. There were two other adults near who were making short clipped chirps. The other bird skipped into the scrub rather than flying and we lost sight of it keeping a respectful distance. One more baby bird remains and we hope it spends the night safely tucked in. We would be thrilled if Mama elects to use this same nest again!
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Name: Jenny S Teacher's Name:
City: Bend   School:  
State/Province: OR   Grade:  
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