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Event: Barn Swallow (FIRST sighted)
Date of Sighting: 05/16/2013 Latitude: 29.8363 Longitude: -95.7349
Town: Katy State/Province: TX Country:
May 16, 2013 a male and female selected our front porch to build a nest. They completed it in two days. On June 8th, we saw the shells of two eggs on the ground below the nest. On June 12th, we saw the first hatchling peek its head over the rim. June 14th, we saw the second. And June 20th we were surprised to see a third. June 26th, we saw the two oldest take their first flight! They hung around the house for two days, then all five were gone for four days. They all returned on July 2 and we have seen them a little each day.

This has been an absolutely wonderful experience!
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Name: Kristy S Teacher's Name:
City: Katy   School:  
State/Province: TX   Grade:  
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