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Event: All Other Signs of Spring
Date of Sighting: 05/18/2013 Latitude: 45.2395 Longitude: -95.1073
Town: Willmar State/Province: MN Country:
Within these past two days we have lots of activity. This morning we had an Indigo Bunting at our upside-down Niger feeder along with our regular Goldfinches. We were surprised he knew how to eat from it. He's been here for 6 hours now, no female seen, though there are so many birds here right now, we may just be missing her. There are two male red headed woodpeckers - they are so beautiful! They've been chasing each other around and taking turns at the suet and corn feeders. We have two male Orchard Orioles paired with their females and one Baltimore Oriole pair who have been regulars the past four days. The past three days a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird has come to the feeder daily. We also have three male/female pairs of red breasted grosbeaks at our feeders. A Mockingbird has been seen on the edge of the tall grass, A Catbird has been to the jelly feeder regularly. Not to mention others. a yellow warbler, a veery, chipping or tree sparrows (unsure which they are) finding there way onto our yard to join the chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, wrens, tree swallows, Pilated, Downy, & Redbreasted Woodpeckers and Robins who have already made their homes here. Hoping to keep them all. Also, almost all trees and bushes are leafed out. Frogs are singing in the evenings. I think spring has sprung, finally.
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Name: Ronda F Teacher's Name:
City: Willmar   School:  
State/Province: MN   Grade:  
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