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Event: Oriole (1st Baltimore)
Date of Sighting: 04/26/2013 Latitude: 36.1829 Longitude: -97.0593
Town: Stillwater State/Province: OK Country:
Hooray, 2 males at battle over the feeder. First I heard his clear pure tones saying hello from the top of the bare sycamore tree. It was evening, misting rain falling. I went out to shoo the "bossy blackbirds" from the feeder. After doing that, I heard what I've been hoping to hear for several months. It's strange to be shooing one bird away while inviting another to come. We've had such crazy spring weather, I thought they might avoid us this year. Just 2 days ago our low for the night was 32 degrees--not very friendly for migrating creatures.
About the Observer
Name: Bonnie P Teacher's Name: Bonnie P
City: Stillwater   School: Skyline Elementary  
State/Province: OK   Grade: 2  
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