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Event: All Other Signs of Spring
Date of Sighting: 04/20/2013 Latitude: 45.2667 Longitude: -75.7500
Town: Ottawa State/Province: ON Country:
the *Snow Geese* seem to have arrived east of Ottawa between
April 4 and April 7, seemed to peak at perhaps 100,000 individuals on April
14 and are mostly gone by April 20. When they arrived, there was some open
water in the fields but still considerable areas of ice and snow, whereas
by April 20 all the ice and snow has gone from the fields, as well as most
of the water. This year the entire spectacle lasted about two weeks. This
includes results posted on OntBird and on eBird. Perhaps one of the local
pros can indicate whether these numbers east of Ottawa represent a record
for this expanding species that is wreaking havoc on its Arctic breeding
grounds, turning them into mud.

Forwarded by Don Davis

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