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Event: All Other Signs of Spring
Date of Sighting: 04/14/2013 Latitude: 37.1087 Longitude: -94.5231
Town: Joplin State/Province: MO Country:
Black and White Warbler and Northern Parula

My husband and daughter and I were cleaning up the garden this past Sunday and a Black and White Warbler flew right up to us and landed, stayed a few seconds, then flew away. I played a recording of his song so he might come back and I could take a pic, but he wouldn't come back where I could see him...he did answer tho. Then I played a recording of pine siskins and got a Northern Parula to answer instead!
We've lived in the middle of 16 acres for 14 yrs and this is the first time I've seen either of these birds. I saw an American Redstart the very first year, but never again.
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