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Event: Red-winged Blackbird (FIRST sighted)
Date of Sighting: 03/18/2013 Latitude: 42.5833 Longitude: -80.4167
Town: Long Point State/Province: ON Country:
We witnessed the most amazing movement of mixed flocks of blackbirds yesterday afternoon. For three hours in the late afternoon, there was a more or less continuous stream of Red-wings and Grackles at tree top level moving south between the viewing platform at Big Creek and the inner bay shoreline at Long Point, following the roadway.

The dense flocks flowed over and around the Cottonwoods lining the road. Their wing beats and vocalization mixed with the sounds of Tundra Swans in the bay to create the most wonderful natural soundscape.

How to estimate the numbers?--a hundred thousand plus??

Forwarded by Don Davis

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