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Event: All Other Signs of Spring
Date of Sighting: 03/04/2013 Latitude: 29.1940 Longitude: -81.0518
Town: daytona beach State/Province: FL Country:
My husband and I are enjoying watching are backyard birds and learning about them and their habitats,we have turned our backyard into a sanctuary,with 22 varying feeders and now quite a variety of birdhouses. for sevearal years we have the year round usuals of cardinals,bluejays,titmice, black capped chickadees,red bellied woodpeckers.Last year sandhill cranes showed up and this year an array of newcomers, we have had several pileated woodpeckers,downy woodpeckers, a pair carolina wrens that are currently nesting in a gourd, also chickadees building in a birdhouse,and hoping a bluebird and yellow rump warbler makes a return.Goldfinches,sparrows and cowbirds are also here right now. And an unwanted Kestrel has decided to use our backyard for his personel feeder. We are still awaiting the return of our beloved hummers
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Name: pam u Teacher's Name:
City: daytona beach   School:  
State/Province: FL   Grade:  
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