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Event: Robin (First SEEN) Number: 1
Date of Sighting: 01/28/2013 Latitude: 37.1087 Longitude: -94.5231
Town: Joplin State/Province: MO Country:
Although we have had some robins all winter, I know this particular robin by his actions! Last year, during a cold snap with snow covering the ground, one lone robin took over the tray of mealworms I set out each morning for the bluebirds. No bluebirds were allowed to approach the tray, even when the robin had eaten them all. This lasted about 2 weeks and then the robin was gone and the bluebirds could eat again. I thought the robin just lost interest in the crunchy, dried mealworms and was able to find better fare. However, NO robins bothered the mealworms until the approx. same date this year when we have no snow at all. I think this fellow is on his way to a more northerly location, and is just stopping by my "fast food" joint her recalls from last year!
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Name: Valerie F Teacher's Name:
City: Joplin   School:  
State/Province: MO   Grade:  
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