Frequently Asked Questions About Earthworms
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Q. What should I do if I see an earthworm on the sidewalk or driveway?

A. Naturalist Jim Gilbert has this friendly advice: "Next time you see earthworms under your garage door or on your sidewalk after a rain shower, why not pick them up and put them in a shady garden spot so they can safely go back into the soil. This could be your way of thanking the earthworm population for many jobs well done."

Q. How are earthworms helpful?

A. Earthworms are nature's little farmers in our fields and lawns. Earthworms "plow" and mix up the soil. Their tunneling loosens the soil so water and nutrients can go downward. The nutrients in worm castings enrich the soil. The slime they secrete contains nitrogen, an important nutrient for plants. Some people don't like finding small "bumps" or casts in their lawn caused by earthworm tunnelling. But it actually means a healthy active lawn.