Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About the Symbolic Migration

Getting Started

  • Overview
  • Registration
  • Timeline

Making the Butterflies

  • Messages
  • Materials

Sending the Butterflies

  • Where to send
  • Postage

What to Expect in the Spring

  • Returning butterflies
  • Viewing video clips
Getting Started 

Q. I am new to the project and want to introduce my class to the concepts of the Symbolic Migration. Where do I start?

Q. If I am already registered, do I need to register seperately for the Symbolic Migration?

Q. What is the timeline for this project?

Q. I am not a classroom teacher, can I participate in the Symbolic Migration?

Making the Butterflies

Q. What is a class butterfly?

Q. What do I enclose with the class butterfly?

Q. Can we send a butterfly made out of recycled plastic and “found” materials?

Q. What is the small, individual butterfly cluster?

Q. Why is it so important to write our messages in Spanish?

Q. Why do we have to put our mailing address on every butterfly?

Q. Where on the butterfly should our mailing addresses go?

Sending the Butterflies

Q. Is it OK to send FedEx?

Q. I do not understand why we must have 10" x 13" envelopes for our butterfly.

Q. How much postage do we put on our Spring envelope?

Q: Can we mail our butterfly directly to Mexico since we are going to miss the deadline?

Q: Do we get our own butterfly back?

Q. Why is the butterfly we received this spring made by students in the United States and Canada?

Q. What happens to the butterfly we send to Mexico?


Q: I'm trying to share the video you posted of the paper monarchs arriving for the symbolic migration with my students. Can you help?