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Banded Robin Returns!

This robin has returned for the second year to the site where he was banded by Robert S. Mulvihill and Matt Webb of the National Aviary of Pittsburg on July 7, 2013. That's the day Marcy Cunkelman's back yard in Clarksburg was a chosen site for the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Nestwatch (NN). Can you imagine her excitement upon seeing her robin again? Marcy adds, "It looks like he has a mate and a possible nest site." Great news!

"I can officially say MY Robin is back. He showed up on 3/28/15, the same place as last year (3/22/14) near the feeding station."
Marcy Cunkelman    Clarksburg, Pennsylvania     March 28, 2015

Banded male American Robin

Marcy Cunkelman