Spring Migration 2015
Finding food American robins with feathers fluffed for warmth American Robin with berry in its mouth

Finding Food
February 10, 2015

Journey North's citizen scientists reported winter robins in 46 states and 6 provinces. What are they eating? Observers report surprises!

A Very Cold Week
February 17, 2015

Robins have hunkered down in the wintry blasts of the past week. Reports of sightings fell to just 126!How are they coping with the cold?

Winter Still Rules
February 24, 2015

The deep cold drives hungry robins flocking to trees, shrubs, and vines where they fuel for flight and warmth on winter berries.

American Robin American Robin eating at suet feeder American Robin

Peak Migration Month
March 3, 2015

March is peak migration month. Know what to watch for with our robin observation checklist!

Changes Ahead
March 10, 2015

Change is in the air! Where are robins finding food as winter ends and spring begins?

Warmer Weather
March 17, 2015

Reports of robins soared as warmer weather brought their first surge northward. How's that for a welcome sign of spring?

Male American Robin Banded male American Robin Two male Ameican Robins fighting in midair

Official Spring Arrives
March 24, 2015

The week didn't bring a big push north and the robin chorus has barely begun, but spring arrived with more first-robin sightings and songs!

Spring Slows
March 31, 2015

In a slow week for migration and robin song, a banded robin returns once again to "his" back yard! Also: Answers from the expert!

More Robins Singing
April 7, 2015

The robin chorus is spreading and the rush for robin real estate is on. Find out if your neighborhood has what a robin seeks in a territory.

Robins seeking territory American Robin carrying mud for nest building American Robin incubating on nest in pine tree

Robins Nesting
April 14, 2015

Nesting reports increased this week and spring robin behaviors thrilled observers in much of the robins' range. Can you name the tune they're singing?

Migrating, Settling, Nesting
April 21, 2015

Many robins are still on the move, while others have begun the nesting cycle. What three things can newborn robins already do?

End of the Trail
April 28, 2015

Robins have reached the end of the migration trail! More nesting is underway, and baby robins soon will hatch.

Hungry Baby Robins Hungry Baby Robins Track Migration as a Citizen Scientist!
You're invited to help track migration each spring
as robins travel to their spring breeding grounds.

Family Time
May 5, 2015

From Florida to Alaska and California to Canada, robins are home. Now comes the serious business of raising new little robins.


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