Robin Migration Update: May 6, 2014
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Robins are late at the end of the trail, but now nesting across much of their breeding range. It's time for the serious business of making new little robins. Thanks to all who reported their robins and helped us track their journey north!

Report Includes:

Image of the Week
Hungry robin nestlings with mouths open wide

What Can They Do?

Photo: Sandra Bedford
News: Welcome Home, Robins

Reports dwindled to a very few, and robins have passed the 60-degree latitude mark in Alaska and Canada!

  • "They're here! I'm listening to their song now!"
    North Pole, Alaska (May 2)
  • "The robins have arrived in the north finally! Woohoo! And YES, they are singing." Mayo, YT (May 3)

But Where is Gonondadoy?
Just one NOP is still waiting for robins: our northernmost observation post at Innoko River School in Shageluk Alaska. The average sighting date for first robins there is around April 27. "I'm STUNNED they are not here," wrote teacher Joyanne Hamilton on May 5. "It's been so warm for three weeks now!" Last spring set a record for the latest robin sighting (May 15) at Shageluk. When will robins appear this year?

Nests and Eggs: FAQ
Each year people ask if they can move a robin nest. The short answer is no, but Why? Ornithologist Laura Erickson has answered this and many other commonly asked questions about robins. It's here to help you:

This is our final scheduled robin report for the spring season, but we'll let you know when robins finally reach Shageluk, the end of the trail!


Hungry  robin nestlings
Photo: Wayne Kryduba
Hard Work for Parents
Robin with beak full of food for babies
Photo: Laura Erickson
Where To?
Bathing robin
Photo: Tom Ernst
Provide Water


Slideshow: Summer School for Fledglings

Baby robins leave the nest at about 13 days of age. They have a lot to learn. Summer is school time for fledglings!



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