Robin Migration Update: April 29, 2014
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Fewer sighting reports may indicate that most homeward-bound robins have arrived. Nesting has begun. Our slideshow explores what happens in the nest.

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Image of the Week
Four robin eggs in nest

Hatch Date?

Photo: Julie Brophy
News: Migrating, Singing, Nesting

Robins are in various stages of migration and nesting. At 59.8 latitude, Voznesenka School reported the singing robins farthest north. Nesting reports lead, with robins nesting at an average latitude of 43.65. Please keep reporting what you're seeing!

  • "Finally there it was: a full blown robin song announcing the passing of another winter."
    Voznesenka, Alaska (April 26)
  • "The late spring slowed the birds down but they have finally arrived." Grande Prairie, AB (April 24)

Still Migrating
An observer spotted two robins April 23 in Juneau, Alaska (58.47N), but robins are still en route to the northern end of their breeding range. They're eagerly awaited!

  • "All the 7th and 8th graders of Iditarod Area School District were in Lake Minchumina, AK last week. I thought for sure we'd see some robins since Lake Minchumina is east of Shageluk. But no, nothing! I am very surprised! We have had such a warm spring, well over the isotherm theories temps for at least 2 weeks straight now."
    Shageluk, AK (April 28)

Home and Nesting
Meanwhile, nesting activity is heating up where robins are on territory. It's a thrill to find where birds are nesting, but observe from a safe distance and let the birds to their thing. It's amazing!

  • "Noticed robins' nest tucked high under roof behind the downspout. Next day found broken robin egg shells below. Eggs must have hatched."
    Mary H. in Cleveland Heights, OH (April 26, 2014)


Female robin with beak full of nesting materials
Photo: Angela Koehler
Robin bathing in puddle
Photo: M. Cowan
Splish Splash
Pet cat, safely indoors
Photo: Jane Duden
Keep Indoors!


Slideshow: Baby Robins: Welcome to the World!

Eggs + Babies = lots of work for Mom and Dad Robin. What happens in a robin's nest? You'll be amazed!


Baby Robins
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